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Become a Fresns Sponsor

Hello! I am Jevan Tang, a full-time independent open source developer. I am the creator and project lead of Fresns.

Fresns is a social network service software, respectively open source, cloud services, distributed deployment scheme, designed for cross-platform and build a universal community products, support flexible and diverse content form, can meet a variety of operational scenarios, in line with the trend of the times, more open and easier to secondary development.

The Fresns project adheres to the Apache-2.0 open source licence, allowing free and open source use on the Website, iOS and Android platforms.

In the process of maintaining a vast ecosystem and developing new features, sustainable growth can only be achieved through the generous financial support of sponsors.

Please consider sponsoring me to show your gratitude - like buying me the occasional cup of coffee. If you are concerned about committing to a monthly sponsorship, GitHub also supports one-time donations!

Released under the Apache-2.0 License