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Column NameTypeCommentDefaultNullRemark
idint UNSIGNEDPrimary Key IDNOAuto Increment
domainvarchar(64)DomainNOTop-level Domain
hostvarchar(128)URL HostNOUnique
post_countint UNSIGNEDNumber of Posts0NONumber of posts containing this domain
comment_countint UNSIGNEDNumber of Comments0NONumber of comments containing this domain
is_enabledtinyint UNSIGNEDIs Enabled1NO0.Disabled / 1.Enabled
Disabled means the domain URL cannot be parsed into a hyperlink and is displayed as plain text only
created_attimestampCreate TimeCURRENT_TIMESTAMPNO
updated_attimestampUpdate TimeYES
deleted_attimestampDelete TimeYESEmpty means not deleted

Domain Name Description

Example 1

Example 2

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