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Menu TitleKey NameDefault Key ValueValue TypeDescription
Site Addresssite_urlstringUsed for content Web URL concatenation
Site Namesite_namestringMultilingual
Site Descriptionsite_descstringMultilingual
Site ICONsite_iconfileOutputs image URL when used
Site LOGOsite_logofileOutputs image URL when used
Copyright Owner Namesite_copyrightFresnsstring
Copyright Yearsite_copyright_years2021-Presentstring
Default Timezonedefault_timezone+8stringUTC value, see Timezone Options
Client default timezone, used for time parameters when API timezone is not provided.
API timezone order: User Config -> System Timezone -> Default Timezone
Operating Modesite_modepublicstringPublic mode public
Private mode private
Public Mode: Registration Statussite_public_statustrueboolean
Public Mode: Registration Featuresite_public_servicepluginPlugin application scenario parameter register
Public Mode: Email Registration Featuresite_email_registertrueboolean
Public Mode: Phone Number Registration Featuresite_phone_registerfalseboolean
Public Mode: Login Sync Registrationsite_login_or_registerfalseboolean
Private Mode: Open Statussite_private_statusfalseboolean
Private Mode: Supported Pluginssite_private_servicepluginPlugin application scenario parameter join
Private Mode: State After Expirationsite_private_end_after1number1 All site content is invisible
2 Content before expiration is visible, new content is invisible
Login Support: Emailsite_email_logintrueboolean
Login Support: Phone Numbersite_phone_loginfalseboolean
Admin Emailsite_emailstringDisplayed to users when an error occurs, for users to report issues.

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