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Menu TitleKey NameDefault Key ValueValue TypeDescription
Engine Cookie Prefixengine_cookie_prefixfresns_string
Engine API Typeengine_api_typelocalstringlocal or remote
Key Associationengine_key_idnumberRelated field session_keys->id
API Hostengine_api_hoststring
API App IDengine_api_app_idstring
API App Secretengine_api_app_secretstring
Stat Codewebsite_stat_codestringWebpage statistical tool code
Stat Code Positionwebsite_stat_positionstringhead or body
Position to load the statistical code in HTML
Website Interactive Functionwebsite_statustruebooleanAfter disabling the web interactive function, specify the number of content displayed when visiting the website
For example, projects focused on mobile app operations, websites are only used for sharing and diverting, and do not want users to use the full functionality.
Display Content Numberwebsite_number5numberAfter disabling the web interactive function, the user access will only display a certain number of content
For example, if set to 5, users will only see 5 entries whether they visit the post list or view comments.
Content Display Ratiowebsite_percentage30numberAfter disabling the web interactive function, the post content display ratio, unit: percentage
For example, if set to 30%, only 30% of the post content will be displayed when visiting the post details page, and the remaining content is recommended to be viewed in the App.
China Modesite_china_modefalsebooleanfalse or true
Whether to display filing information, turn it off if the website server is not in Mainland China
Internet Content Provider Filingchina_icp_filingstring
Internet Content Provider Licensechina_icp_licensestring
Public Security Bureau Filingchina_psb_filingstring
Broadcasting Licensechina_broadcasting_licensestring

Theme Configuration

Menu TitleKey NameDefault Key ValueValue TypeDescription
Desktop ThemeFresnsEngine_DesktopstringOfficial engine desktop theme configuration
Mobile ThemeFresnsEngine_MobilestringOfficial engine mobile theme configuration

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