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We collaborate in an open-source organization, and are committed to making Fresns a universal, stable and extensible flexible tool, so that users can freely materialize their ideas on this basis.

Regional community

It can be a city or a large residential area, which unfolds topic interactions around the life and work of a region.

Interest community

The Internet has been so well-developed that any hobby can find millions of similar minds on the Internet.

E-commerce community

A lucrative business model that gathers a group of experts who play with traffic. If you can control the users’ shopping decisions, it means you control the flow of money. In this sense, you do not need to create demands (there are no new demands on the earth, only new ways to meet them) but instead focus on providing a new value for your target users. No matter how advanced the information technology is and how advanced the device everyone uses, you can still make commercial profits through information asymmetry, which is called information dividend.

Social community

Information on the Internet is not as transparent as we think. As the Internet is becoming increasingly diversified, even Internet practitioners are subdivided into many different groups, and each subdivided group has its own information channel. High-quality information channels do not necessarily bring valuable information or cognitive changes, but there is a greater possibility of change. Cognitive differences will widen the gap between people through the compound interest of time. Therefore, conscious people are always anxious, which leads to community culture. If you have high-quality information in a field, you can also build a community.

Not necessary to be a community

Fresns is a social community product, but it doesn’t have to be a community. You can make it an information flow blog to output valuable content unilaterally, such as professional knowledge content, HOW TO content, WIKI content, product database content, downloaded materials content and so on. Based on plug-ins, you can make free and paid content, or you can make it a membership system.

Released under the Apache-2.0 License