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  • Backup the database and import it into a new environment.


  • Backup the following files and overwrite them in the new environment.
├── plugins/                        // Plugin files
├── themes/                         // Theme files
├── public/
   ├── assets/                     // Static files for plugins and themes
   ├── status.json                 // Client status configuration file
   └── apple-app-site-association  // Apple application configuration file
├── storage/
   └── app/
       └── public/                 // Local storage files
├── .env                            // System configuration file
└── install.lock                    // Installation lock file
  • Plugin and theme files (if there are no plugins and themes, these can be ignored)
    • plugins/
    • themes/
    • public/assets/
  • Client configuration files (if there is no app, these can be ignored)
    • public/status.json
    • public/apple-app-site-association
  • Local storage files (mandatory, such as local attachments and plugin configuration upload files)
    • storage/app/public
    • storage/app/public/temp-files The directory is for temporary files and does not need to be migrated; it can be deleted directly.
  • System configuration files (mandatory)
    • .env
    • install.lock
  • Files stored locally are placed in the /storage/app/public directory, which is not accessible via the website directory. Therefore, a symbolic link needs to be created in the /public directory to enable site access to these resources.
  • Enter the Fresns root directory in the terminal and execute the following command to create a storage symbolic link.
php artisan storage:link

Released under the Apache-2.0 License